About Flipz!

Imperial Valley Flipz Allstars is an athletic program based on cheerleading, gymnastics, dance and stunting. We incorporate all of these sports into one... All-Star Cheerleading! It is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and offers state, regional, national and world championships. In addition, many colleges offer scholarships for all-star cheerleading.

We have many teams that are formed according to age and skill. The teams range from age 4 through 18. We also offer tumbling classes from beginner to elite. Our gym is approximately 6,500 square feet and equipped with a brand new spring floor and a 40 foot tumble track with resi-pit. We also have various trampolines and equipment to help with tumbling skills. Our main priority is SAFETY! We believe in learning proper technique which follows strength and flexibility.

We are a year round sport and offer competitive and non-competitive teams. Our program is very structured and productive. To help with additional costs, we offer fund-raising and have a parent club that adds extra functions and fun into our teamwork.

Come check us out, we would love to have you do FLIPZ with us!